Sky - lines

by Sabine Inselmann

about me

For more than 20 years, I have worked on a range of themes from the concrete to the abstract, whereby I like to integrate a large variety of materials.
In the search to find connection between painting and collage, my subject SKY-LINES was born.
During the creative process I try to achieve a balance between reality and abstraction but I am always cautious to leave enough space for the viewer to make their own interpretations.
Without pushing it too explicitly into the foreground, I would also like to draw attention to the current environmental problems through my work, above all the pollution of the oceans.
Some of the influential chapters in my life would include my formative years in northwest Africa where I was born, my growing up in Germany, the various visits abroad and the year I spent sailing in the Caribbean and Mediterranean.
I found my way into art at a private academy of art in Hamburg where I studied for several years.
Today I live on the outskirts of Hamburg and in Fuerteventura.

my work

The theme SKY-LINES was a fluent progression from the cycle USED where I created art using fragments.
My aim is to achieve a wide variance of multi faceted SKY-LINES. In the process, I use objects such as paint remnants, rusty fragments, fabric and recycling materials in order to accomplish the uniquely haptic results that have become synonymous with my work.

Stormy weather 120x120cm
Fischerdorf 60x160cm
Hoffnung 120x110cm
Skyline GB 60x180cm
Isle of wight 50x100cm
From dusk till dawn 120x160cm
Skyline abstrakt 100x100cm
Skyline UK 70x50cm
Skyline Hamburg 60x160cm
Skyline abstrakt 8 100x140cm


1999 - 2023 national - international see more...
Dream to the horizon
and when you get there
you can see further


Personalized and jointly developed SKY-LINE projects with letters, findings,
memories and personal wishes of the client are possible on request.

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